ROSS CONTROLS® manufacturers pneumatic valves, controls systems and safety products to a variety of industries including but not limited to the steel, aluminum, hollow glass, and metal forming industries.


Listed below are some of the many fluid power products we provide for a variety of machine applications.

Glass Container Machines
poppet valves, vacuum valves, pressure valves, pusher valves, open/close valves, slimline valves
  • Valves designed for repeatability
  • Counterblow vacuum valves
  • Hi/low pressure valves
  • Plunger up/down & cooling valves
  • Blowhead on/off valve including kickoff
  • Mold open/close valves
  • Pusher valves
  • Blow mold vacuum valves
  • Final blow Slimline™ valves with quick exhaust or pressure booster options
  • All designed for high temperature service
  • Blow pistol valve
  • Proportional valves for plunger and blowing applications
  • Unbeatable poppet technology for high shift consistency
  • Systems, circuits & products which substantially reduce piping, fittings, maintenance, downtime, labor cost, & compressed air usage
  • For details, see our Glass Container Industry page

Press Metalforming Products
pressure controller, double valves, manifolds
  • Pneumatic double valves for clutch/brake control
  • 4-way double valves for clamp cylinder control
  • Soft Clutch and Soft Brake modules
  • Modular Press Solutions
  • Custom Pneumatic manifolds
  • Air distribution manifolds
  • Automation valve manifolds
  • Die Cushion manifolds
  • Lockout valve manifolds
  • Main Air filter and lockout devices
  • Efficiently designed systems to eliminate piping connections, ease installation, reduce procurement costs, simplify troubleshooting, save energy, reduce downtime, improve appearance & consolidate space
  • For details, see our Press Metalforming Industry page

Steel Industry & Primary Metals Processing Products
valves, valve stands, panels and enclosures
  • Valve stands, panels & enclosures
  • High flow, dirt tolerant valve accessories
  • High flow FRLs
  • Proportional pressure controls for tension rolls
  • 1/8" - 3" NPT, metric & SAE threads
  • Rugged construction
  • Complete integrated systems
  • Entry & exit systems on mills & process lines
  • Water valve control for cooling & descaling
  • High speed valves for brake control
  • Control of inert gases to approximately 10 Bar
  • High flow, dirt tolerant base mounted & in-line poppet valves
  • For details, see our Steel Industry page

Safety Products
pneumatic valves, double valves, Hoze-Fuze, check valves, hand and foot pedal valves
  • Control-reliable 3/2 & 5/2 pneumatic valves with BG Certification
  • Pneumatic internally monitored double valves for safety applications
  • Control Reliable Double Valves
  • Manual and solenoid L-O-X® valves for energy isolation
  • EEZ-ON® valves for gradual start-up
  • Manual L-O-X® valves with EEZ-ON® operation
  • Modular L-O-X® air entry combination
  • Stainless Steel L-O-X® valves for energy isolation
  • Sensing Valves Category 2 Monitored in-line valves
  • Pilot operated check valves (single/double channel sensing available)
  • Check valves
  • HOZE-FUZE® to prevent hose whip
  • Silencers & reclassifiers
  • Lockout verification accessories
  • For details, see our Safety Industry page

Aluminum Reduction
energysaver, breaker and ore feed valves
  • Smelter-Duty Valves and Cylinders
  • ENERGYSAVER® Crustbreaker Valves, Cylinders and Systems
  • Point Feed, Ore Feed and Bar Break System Solutions
  • Door opening
  • Overhead crane
  • Pot Tapping
  • Anode Forming
  • Casthouse
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • PTM (Pot Tending Machine) Controls
  • Safety Systems
  • For details, see our Aluminum Industry page

General Automation Products
line-mount, base-mount, flow control, pendant control valves, regulators, filters
  • Line-mounted valves
  • ISO, ANSI, & SAE base mounted valves
  • ENERGYSAVER® valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Check valves
  • Pendant control valves
  • Manual L-O-X® valves
  • EEZ-ON® valves
  • Filters, regulators, and lubricators (FRLs)
  • High-flow reverse flow regulators
  • High capacity water & particulate filters
  • Silencers
  • Mechanical valves
  • Pilot operated valves
  • Pilot operated check valves
  • Dale Series poppet, manifold and leak tight valves
  • Serial BUS systems
  • Pneumatic relief valves
  • Vacuum valves
  • Right angle pilot operated checks, EEZ-ON® valves, & regulators
  • Foot & hand valves
  • For details, see our interactive online catalog or download literature
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